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Question regarding File System Quotas on VNX / VNXe


Earlier today I was discussing NTFS disk and folder quotas with a TC.  Initially his customer wanted to know if we could apply disk quotas thru AD GPOs.  From a Microsoft viewpoint I recommended looking his customer look at File Server Resource Manager to apply quotas across multiple machines.


A customer’s best option to manage a large number of servers / volumes is to use a Windows tools called File Server Resource Manager.  It is a free tool in Windows Server 2008, but needs to be installed.  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc754810(WS.10).aspx

His response. Does that work with volumes that are NFS and CIFS?

Does anyone know if “File Server Resource Manager” can perform Quota management on a volume that is NFS mounted.  Is this implied, does it matter, or is this for CIFS only?

Update:  Account team stated they are only interested in a VNXe response.  I had mentioned they look at this document. Using Quotas on VNX (PDF)

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Re: Question regarding File System Quotas on VNX / VNXe


I found FSRM and FCI: Frequently Asked Questions. see if this helps you


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Re: Question regarding File System Quotas on VNX / VNXe


About FSRM

File OE / DART does not integrate full version of MS API, even Fileserver on it is able to join AD as a member. As I know FSRM is not fully tested.

FSRM starts it supports both of windows and non-window system, but as we know, DART use “user mapping” for multi-protocol assess. This could be a issues

About Quotas on DART.

This part is a bit sad. As I know, there is no way to enable tree quotas on an existing directory tree at current NAS code.

FYI. Thanks,


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