Dell latitude 11 5175 no boot device issue


I bought a refurbished tablet about 6 weeks ago to replace a broken venue 11 pro and found it worked great, until 2 days ago when I woke up to the "no boot device" screen. I actually thought it was out of battery and pressed volume up as I plugged the charger in, but nothing.

I managed to get files moved across to an external hard drive via cmd, so I didn't lose too much, but u haven't been  able to fix the problem.

Windows Wouldn't repair or restore anything. The files were still on the partitions, but it wouldn't even reinstall over the primary partition.

I deleted and formatted the second partition to get a clean install there and then to move any existing files from the original C: however it led to the system crashing several times.

I've had to reinstall the OS on the second partition twice within the last 24 hours as it is subject to crashing a slightly producing the same "no boot device found" messages.

Instillation doesn't even begin if I try on the other partition and I'm afraid to merge the two in case the whole drive dies.

Is this, as obvious as it sounds, a hard drive issue? Or should I be looking at something else?

My other problem with this is that I bought the refurb from China as that's where I was when the venue 11 died and I had work that needed to be done during my trip. This one dies 2 days before I'm due to fly back to London, so no time to send it to Dell in China and now I'm back, I'm not sure if dell UK will help.

Any info would be much appreciated.

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RE: Dell latitude 11 5175 no boot device issue


Dell will not help repair your venue 11 at such situation,I suggest you go to http://www.parts-dell.cc or http://www.parts-people.com searching for help

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RE: Dell latitude 11 5175 no boot device issue

I remember that this is a hard drive firmware issue. Make sure all thru ssd firmware patches arelied for your brand of ssd and update to the latest 5175 bios. All can be found on the dell 5175 driver page

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RE: Dell latitude 11 5175 no boot device issue

Appreciated the response. I checked and indeed there were SSD and Bios firmware updates that seemed to fix the problem.

As I was going through the process, I briefly remembered having to do something similar with the venue 11 a few years back and hadn't had any problems with it since, so fingers crossed this one lasts me now.

Thanks again