Problems with my Dell Streak

im from hyderabad,india and ive recently purchased a dell streak which seems to me to be riddled with problems......the touch screen is totally unresponsive and at times i cant even unlock my phone as it doesnt recognize the touch.i touch some application and some other application starts up(this again i think is because of the touch screen issue)..Also the battery life is the worst ive seen for a device(mine lasts only 4-5 on continuous use and 1 day on standby)..could someone help me out please..is the problem with only my particular device or is it common to all streaks? eagerly awaiting for some response...

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Re: Problems with my Dell Streak

Try this page for the screen recalibration:  http://www.streaksmart.com/2010/10/how-to-calibrate-dell-streak-touchscreen.html


For battery life make sure you change the update frequency of your widgets such as facebook/twitter, email and other things that require automatic updates.  Also turn down screen brightness, disable wireless when not in use and things such as that.  I go a full day and still have 40%+ left and thats using it for calls, texts emails and browsing through my day.

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