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2407WFP, losing color

My oh so favorite 2407WFP that is losing its colors to the point the screen now has a "white washed" or possible ghosting look to it. Black and white is OK, but the color has been slowly fading to where its at now. Blues are whitish blue and blue green, gray is almost white, and red hues are almost non-existing. Yes I know it's REALLY old, but I love this monitor, and I haven't had on issue with it since I bought new 10 years ago. After reading possible solutions online I did find an inverter board and changed it out today, unfortunately it didn't help. Can anyone else offer any suggestions on what could be going on? I'm pretty good at doing the work myself, so if the part is cheap I'm hoping it's worth saving. Note: I am using a VGA connection, and my other monitor works fine when connecting to the same laptop.

Thank you!

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