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Adjust height of monitor

How do I adjust the height of the monitor U2311H?    I have only one location for placement of this monitor, and the desktop places the monitor too high for comfortable use.   It needs to be lowered approximately 3-4” for comfortable viewing.    Thank you for your assistance.   Maggie Sue

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Re: Adjust height of monitor

Hi Maggie Sue,

The below picture shows that the stand of the monitor can extend vertically up to 100 mm:

If the monitor is already extended vertically up to 100 mm from the normal height, you can try to push the screen down and see if that works. However, with the built-in pedestal, you can tilt the monitor for the most comfortable viewing angle. Below is the image:

For more information about operating the monitor, you can refer to the following link:

Hope this helps. Please reply for any further questions.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikram M
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