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Dell S2440L monitor update


Just received notification of available update for the Dell monitor Manager, question is, and It's probably an obvious answer, but will my screen colours remain the same as they are now if I update?  I use this for photo editing and it's taken ages to calibrate, so I don't want to have to go through it all again, if the the colours revert to a default setting after updating the manager.

Will the update offer better controls or adjustments, which would make having to re calibrate worthwhile.

Thank you

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RE: Dell S2440L monitor update


The DDM (Dell Displays Manager) is not calibration software. I think you are confusing DDM with the Dell X-Rite Ultrasharp Color Calibration software. Updating the DDM should not change any of your custom software calibrations. But, remember the old adage, "if aint broke, don't fix it.".

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