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Dual U2518D, Latitude 5580, WD15 dock, Daisy chain

Hi Chris -

I have

  • Latitude 5580 (running Windows 10 Pro),
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX driver (6/25/2017)
  • a WD15 dock station
  • two U2518D monitors.

I followed your instructions, except that I did not install two drivers that are out of date:

(These aren't relevant, are they?)

Now that they are daisy chain wired, I only see two monitors. 

  1. my laptop monitor
  2. my U2518D monitor 

I would expect to see three (right?)

I have set to "extend my monitors", but I'm seeing same image on both of my U2518D monitors. (Laptop monitor is different). Also I updated my driver for the GeForce 940 MX to (3/23/2018), but still have the issue. Just two monitors listed on the Display Settings - my laptop and one of the U2518D monitors).

Please advise.

Thanks, Kirk

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Re: Dual U2518D, Latitude 5580, WD15 dock, Daisy chain


The U2518D supports 2560x1440 60Hz. This is a limitation of the WD15 dock.

Open the WD15 User's Guide to page 30. See the "Display resolution" table.
Dual Display (maximum resolution) =
2x FHD or WUXGA (1920x1080 60Hz)(1920x1200 60Hz)

Open, "How to Use and Troubleshoot the WD15", "Supported Display Resolution" table =
One monitor at 2560x1440 60Hz
Two monitors at 1920x1080 60Hz or 1920x1200 60Hz

The TB16 could support two U2518D running at 2560x1440 60Hz.

Latitude 5580 USB Type-C out port --> TB16 USB Type-C cable
TB16 DP out port --> U2518D DP to mDP cable --> #1 U2518D mDP in port
TB16 mDP out port --> U2518D mDP to DP cable --> #2 U2518D DP in port

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