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Firmware Update needed to use DDM with DP 1.2

As a broadcast to all with the problem of Dell Display Monitor software (produced by "En TechTaiwan") working with DP 1.1 but not recognizing a dell monitor being attached when the monitor I/O is changed to DP 1.2:

I emailed "" with the following request:

Subject: Dell Display Manager Ver.


 The above software is unable to detect my Dell U 3014 monitor when I have set the mini DP port to DP 1.2.

If I set the DP to DP 1.1 the DDM software can detect the monitor.

Please update ver 1554 to fix this problem.

I received the following response:

"I'm afraid this is not a software problem, and cannot be fixed thru a software update. It requires a monitor firmware update."

 I have a U 3014 (A04) with this problem but from the many complaints on this forum from dell customers with different monitors this necessary firmware upgrade is not unique to U 3014 monitors.

I am eagerly awaiting dell's firmware upgrade, but wondering how the firmware can be installed without sending the monitor back to the factory or a service depot. (Although eager I won't be holding my breath).

...and Chris, this should relieve you from having to make up excuses and wasting everyone's time and efforts with them - just tell them the truth.

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RE: Firmware Update needed to use DDM with DP 1.2

The U3014 is not equipped to do a firmware flash update in your home. If a firmware update is released, it is installed in our service centers on returned product only. The only way  you could get a different firmware flashed monitor is via used exchange. Even then, there is no guarantee what revision you would get. The only monitor in our entire line that is capable of receiving a firmware update in your home is the U3415W.

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