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Mysterious dark spot on P2310H

I've recently purchased a P2310H from www.dell.ca and I've noticed a dark spot near the middle of the LCD panel. At first I thought it's a column of dead pixels but upon closer inspection the dark spot seems to be some sort of dirt or impurity on the plastic in front of the LCD elements.

As suggested on the dell web site I've tried a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol and water mixture but it has no effect. So I purchased a LCD cleaning kit and applied it several times over the past week but the dark spot remains. It seems the dark spot is caused by either dirt caught between the LCD elements and the plastic in front, or impurities in the plastic itself.

Here are some images of the dark spot, located above the mouse pointer arrow:

The darkness of the spot changes depending on the angel I look at it. Also, if I move my head sideways, the dark spot also moves sideways relative to the underlying pixels.

I would like to get this monitor RMA'ed and I've a few questions:
1. How does the Dell RMA process work in Canada?
2. How do I  return the defective monitor? Will Dell send me a UPS shipping label to ship the defective monitor back on my own, or will Dell send a UPS truck to pickup the monitor like what Dell did with the laptop battery recall program?
3. Usually how long does it take for the replacement monitor to arrive? Does Dell do cross shipping?


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Re: Mysterious dark spot on P2310H

That is a Dark Pixel defect which is not covered by the Premium Panel Guarantee. You would need 6 of those to qualify for a replacement.

There are two different categories of pixel defects:
Dark Pixel - A pixel that is permanently Off using a full white background. 6 or more, replace the monitor.
Bright Pixel - A pixel that is permanently On using a black background. 6 or more, replace the monitor unless it is an UltraSharp Professional monitor which should be replaced if it has 1 or more.

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Re: Mysterious dark spot on P2310H

I'm sorry for not being clear but the dark spot is not dead pixels. As I've described in the first post the dark spot shifts location depending on the angle one views it.

Here is a photo of the dark spot taken from the left angle.
As you can see the dark spot is between the center red line and the left green line.

Here is a photo from the same left angle, but focused on the pixels.
As you can see the pixels are fine.

Here is a photo taken from the right angle.
Now the dark spot is between the center red line and the right green line.

Same right angle, focused on the underlying pixels.
Again the pixels seems to be fine.

Dead pixels don't move around so there must be something bewteen the pixels and the plastic in front that's causing this dark spot.

Isn't such defect covered by the monitor's warranty?
If you have problem viewing the photos please let me know.

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Re: Mysterious dark spot on P2310H

Get it replaced. If you only have a monitor order number, you should contact Canada Order Support. If your monitor was purchased tied to a Dell PC, contact Canada Technical Support. They will need the following data -
Email Address:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
Monitor Order number or PC Service Tag number if purchased with a PC:
Monitor 20 digit PPID number found on the back on a label or on the slider card on the left rear:
Operating system:
Video card:
Video card ports tested:

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