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S2716DG, leakage?

I bought two of these off ebay back in 2016, and I love them, but one of them has a rather peculiar problem, and it started shortly after I purchased it.  Seeing as it's from ebay, I doubt there was any type of warranty, so I didn't look into getting it fixed, and the issue isn't really terrible in most situations, but because it's gotten a bit worse, and because I'm genuinely curious as to what's going on, I thought I'd reach out.

Basically, about half a year into having it, it looked like I was getting burn in that looked like a full set of tabs on firefox smudged from moving back and forth.  Over the years, the left side seemed to "leak" further down, while the right side seems to have mostly healed itself.  Since I've never heard of burn in "healing" itself, or moving, I really doubt it's burn in, so I'm just wondering what the heck is going on, and if there's anything I can do to fix it.

Here's an image of the screen at a ctrl+alt+del window: https://photos.app.goo.gl/y7nSGjNpxfg8hfQB9



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Re: S2716DG, leakage?

Shipped from Dell = October 28, 2015
Warranty expired = January 25, 2019

* Go back to the top of this Monitors Forum
* Open the sticky, "FAQ Monitor"
* Open, "Yogore/Mura defect, smearing, wavy, jagged lines"