U2410, Burn in

I've had a Dell U2410 monitor for about 10 years. I got it in 2009 or 2010. This thing has been just amazing for me. Granted, in this day and age I notice some ghosting compared to other newer monitors but it wasn't designed for gaming, and I've been using it for everything, including that.

I have 2 yellowish tint bands going from top to bottom, one a little more than 1/3 across, and the other slightly less than 2/3 across the screen. It's only noticeable on a white back ground so it's not a huge deal, but I was just curious about whether anything can be done about that.

If not, no big deal. I've gotten a decade of great use out of this quality piece of equipment and probably another decade if it doesn't age too much more. I assume this is probably just old age. I don't leave it on at night and don't have anything running for extended periods that would cause burn in spots where they are located.

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Re: U2410, Burn in

* Press the U2410 Menu button
* Go to Other Settings
* Go to LCD Conditioning
* Change to Enable
* Click Yes. Let it run for 4 hours
* Turn the U2410 off, then on and see if it helped with the yellowish tint bands