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U2414Hb DisplayPort Reliability issues - Various Dell + Third party hardware!

Palming off the post from community user " " in 2014 seen here as a one off is the reason why I'm about to lay down the reality in living with Dell day to day. 

We sourced 38 Monitors in 2016 for a new office installation. Since then we have constantly had issues with the U2414Hb monitors when using DP / Mini DP/ DP Daisy Chain connections between 2 U2414 monitors.

Predominately the issues are exhibited with Dell Laptops utilizing Dell Docks, the equipment in use is as follows:

Dell 452-11429

Dell WD15





The behaviours experienced are as follows:

1. No display detected at all in the OS, no Image on screen WD15 to U2414 utilizing MiniDP to MiniDP, MiniDP to DP. MiniDP to HDMI. In this case the WD15 was updated with latest Dell Firmware, which was supposed to improve DP bug fixes, but no change. Mini DP port is not use on the WD15 dock. " monitors cannot ne simultaneously used in this configuration.

2. When a laptop goes to sleep utilizing the 452-11429 docks, IF the Displayport outputs are used on the dock, sometimes one monitor comes back from sleep and displays an image, the second monitor sometimes flickers on and off, or doesn't come on at all. Other times both monitors do not recover from sleep. Forcing the user to have to play with the laptop lid, or re-plug connections. This applies to utilising DP to MiniDP, DP to DP.

3. Third party KVM solutions converting from VGA to HDMI/DP also do not display anything on screen at all. e.g ATEN CS22U KVM + Lindy 3891 DHMI to VGA adapter. Connecting the machine directly over HDMI of course is not an issue.

Overall <profane> poor experience in a mostly DELL environment!!! I have better thing to do with my time than t constantly be dealing with support requests as a result of monitors not displaying the desktop when they feel like it when using DP I/O.

Given the diversity of Dell hardware and similar behaviour from the U2414 Monitors with all variations of Latitude laptops and Docking stations, I would give a big thumbs down for DELL INTEROPERABILITY! Frankly poor effort!

before questions are raised about cables ect. I have so many boxes of different cables that were sourced to mitigate we can start a business! 

Worst of all: The OSD is a joke. In order to be able to enable Daisy Chain, one has to go into the "Display Settings" menu in the OSD, then select DisplayPort 1.2=Enable (disabled by default). Great, but, that part of the OSD is only available when the screen is active, e.g. displaying an image from a source. So if you are attempting to set the monitors up from the start you cannot do so without connecting it to a source first to get that part of the OSD on screen. I mean REALLY???

And whilst I am typing this post, I have had to Verify I am not a robot 15 times already!!! What is the rational there Dell, every two minutes whilst typing an active post is a bit OCD no? If only that much effort was put into testing your products, you would be superstars.

P.S. All those considering the new 5480 line from Dell, my advice is to not be an early adopter. The USB-C for Video + Network + all other I/O is a great idea in principle but not in practice particularly when paired with a U2414 and a WD15 dock. So many bugs we need a bug exterminator now. 

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RE: U2414Hb DisplayPort Reliability issues - Various Dell + Third party hardware!

Were these 2014 monitors purchased new directly from Dell?

The U2414H had three firmware updates, A01, A02, A03. What revision were your U2414H?

Did the dual U2414H in a daisychain fail when connected directly to the computers DP or mDP out port? And you had #1 U2414H set to DP 1.2 Enabled while the #2 U2414H was set to DP 1.2 Diasbled?

Concerning the WD15 dock, did you read through this?

Yes, the captcha can be trying, but it is the only way to keep the spammers off of our site. During the edit phase, it should not have appeared? It never has for me. It only appears when I actually check "I'm not a robot". 

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