U2417H, USB 3.0 downstream ports, issues

I have a U2417H and am having problems with the USB 3.0 downstream ports. I also have a 27" Ultrasharp as well.

Even though I have the USB 3.0 upstream cable attached, the downstream ports won't always work. Sometimes they will work and then after I have ejected the USB flash drive and try plugging it back in, it won't detect it. I have tried changing the power settings for the USB in the menu to being still powered in standby but this makes no difference. I have also tried different USB 3.0 ports in my computer to attach the USB 3.0 upstream cable (although I know these are fine as I use them all the time for other devices). I have also gone into the hardware manager in the PC and ensured that the PC can't turn the power off to the USB hub when it is inactive. The ports on my 27" monitor have always been fine.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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Re: U2417H, USB 3.0 downstream ports, issues

Click my DELL-username and via private message, send me the U2417H service tag number, 20 digit serial number, A0x revision number. See the back label.


* What PC model?
* What operating system?
* Are all of the USB flash drives USB 3.0?
* Are BOTH monitors USB 3.0 upstream cables connected to the same PC?
- If yes, turn all three off (PC, 27", U2417H). Disconnect the 27" USB 3.0 upstream cable from the PC. Turn all on and retest the U2417H USB 3.0 downstream ports

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