U2417H, audio controller goes to "sleep" when no sound

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Hello, I have a U2417H monitor plugged into my computer via DisplayPort. When using the audio output on the monitor, there is a ~3 second time delay before the audio output starts to output sound. Once the sound starts playing, there is no issue. When the computer is not sending any sound signal for more than 10 seconds,the same problem happens again; there is a delay before any sound starts playing again. Once the sound starts playing, it is correctly in sync. The drivers on the audio controller of both the monitor and the computer's motherboard are up to date (Intel drivers). There is no such problem when using the computer's audio output. Is there a way to correct this behavior? Thanks.

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Re: U2417H, audio controller goes to "sleep" when

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Is there a way to correct this behavior?
Not through the monitor. The monitor Audio line-out is a simple "pass through" from the PC DP. The monitor does not have any audio controls. The PC operating system controls all of the audio going into the monitor. So you have to check the PC operating system for some way to keep the audio "active" even when not in use.

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