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Cloning (copy?) a tape


We just had a change in policy that requires all backups to be encrypted. We have lots of tapes off-site (>1000) that we now need to encrypt. Is there a way to make a duplicate of a tape so that when a restore is required this new (encrypted) tape can be used in place of the original? The VTL we have is handling the encrypting part.



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Re: Cloning (copy?) a tape

You have several ways to clone. Refer to NetWorker 8.0 Cloning Integration Guide

After cloning the data, if you want to restore the data from the Cloned tape instead of the backup tape, you have two ways:

1. suspect the saveset in the backup tape. You can do it in NMC. Show save sets -> Change statues.

2. use command to recover the data. Specify the ssid and cloneid of the Cloned save set when restoring. For example: recover –d C:\restore –S 4124616296/1322821223 (here 4124616296  is ssid and 1322821223 is cloneid)

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Re: Cloning (copy?) a tape

Please check the command nsrclone for volume cloning.


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