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Is there any command line in networker?

Hello Experts.

I am completely  new to the networker, we wont to do some automation for the VSS writer error.


can any let me know is there any command line to follow the below step?

1. Login into NMC console
2. Fetch error  logs of the workflow
3. Restart the backup

if yes, kindly let me know what are those command line.





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NW really works from the command line. If you wish, you could only use commands.

However, for a 'newbie' it is not easy to understand the full structure.

With respect to the logs you will find them in the /nsr/logs path. You either have the file daemon.raw which contains everything or you can proceed to the appropriate ../policy/workflow subdirectories.

For your specific idea may I suggest that you use the daemon.raw file and filter the output for the appropriate string.

Keep in mind that the daemon.raw file has variables which will be converted dynamically. Therefore, to see usable content, do not use a standard editor but NetWorker's nsr_render_log command as shown in this example (for Windows):

   nsr_render_log -S "-1days" E:\nsr\logs\daemon.raw > E:\nsr\logs\daemon.txt

   findstr /I /F "vss" E:\logs\daemon.txt > E:\nsr\logs\vss_errors.txt

The first command converts the log file info for the last day into a complete text file.

The Window command findstr filters the output for a certain string.


Next you should solve the VSS issue - just restarting the workflow may not always help.

Then restart the workflow using the nsrworkflow command, like nsrworkflow -R

I am not more precise because I want you to download the Command Line Reference and to check for the details yourself. You will find all manuals here:



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