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NMM 2.1 sharepoint!

Hi everyone!

I've managed to get NMM backups to work with Exchange 2007 (standalone server)..

And now i'm struggling with getting NMM to backup a stand-alone Sharepoint 2007 SP1 server.

Just trying to get a basic understanding on how NMM works.

Does the sharepoint server need to be member of a domain? And are any services needed to be run as any specific user for VSS writers to work?

And are there ANY steps to configure the RM? because the nsrsnap_vss_save -? just gives me:

"NMM has detected that Replication Manager initialization has failed"

Hope someone can help me out.

And are there anything in general that i need to think about. Somthing that you found out when installing and configuring NMM for sharepoint backups? That you think that someone might miss.

tnx in advance

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Re: NMM 2.1 sharepoint!

During the installation of NMM on a SharePoint Web front-end server, it asks you for the SharePoint account and password. You should enter the name of the user account that you installed SharePoint with and has full privilege on the SQL database.
When you later check you¿ll see that the NetWorker SharePoint Controller Service is starting using this account.
RM automatically gets installed and needs no specific initialization or configuration.

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