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Networker 9.x media request timeout value

In the past I remember a media request would remain outstanding for a long time I.E. ~24 Hrs.

With Networker 9.x this behavior appears to have changed.

Once a media request message appears but remains unsatisfied after about 4 hours it aborts any workflows using it.

Is this expected behavior?

Is there a timer specific to media request?

Does the Inactivity Timer apply to a media message request?

In Networker 9.x this defaults to a value of 30 mins present within the action setup but if it pertains to a media request timeout value then it's far too short to be practical so my suspicion is perhaps this timer does not pertain to a media request.

Can anyone confirm whether it does or not and how long a media request should in fact remain outstanding before a workflow aborts?

Thank You

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Re: Networker 9.x media request timeout value

Does anyone have any idea whether the media timeout value is configurable?

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