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Networker Database Log backups each 1 hour

Dear all,

We implemented MS SQL log backups each 1 hour , with a interval set of 1 hour and "Force Incremental" set.

Currenltly we're using NW 8.2.4 but we've planned to move to 9.x next month.

This works fine in terms of backup saving but it's quite complex in terms of data retention.

May I ask if any of you was able to make this work efficiently ?

How many groups and what configuration you used ?

What retentions do you use ?

Let's say I want to keep the logs for 15 days , then each day full for 3 months and 1 full per week per 5 years.

This will require at least 3 groups with 3 client deffinitions as no overwrite can be done .

Does Networker 9 improve this scenarios ?


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Re: Networker Database Log backups each 1 hour

I keep it for 14 days and have logs (oracle, sap and sql) running every 1h.

I use 1 client for DB and 1 client for TLOG/ARCH, but in reality you can do it with one client (in that case you control level via schedule or level set on group and single client is part of the same group). 

I keep DB backups for the same period and TLOG and do them on daily basis.  I really do not see the point of keeping DB for 3 months and tlog for 15 days, but that;s your setup.  Your setup can be done with with either 3 clients and 3 groups (and 3 pools as most of the time you wish to have pools retention based even with disk that is no longer so important) or you can have 3 groups and single client (but you need 3 pools to enforce retention on pool). 

In NW9 you would have 3 policies/workflows.  What you can also do is job which will change retention of one of your daily backups and change retention to monthly backup - that way you can skip one job by just applying different retention to existing backup in mdb.

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Re: Networker Database Log backups each 1 hour

Thanks for the fast reply.

I'm aligned with all your appreciations, let's hope we will be able to implement those when moving to NW9.

Kind Regards,

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Jalli Raj
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Re: Networker Database Log backups each 1 hour

Do you have any documentation that you can share ...please..Thanks

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