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Networker connection port firewall drop

Hi There,

I have an issue. Backups are not happening for few clients. After some trouble shoots, I found below port drops on firewall:


Other clients in same subnet under same firewall rules do not have any issues. So basically this is not blocked on network. Any idea how to figure this out? Networker support team said this is not with Networker. I use version 9.2.

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Re: Networker connection port firewall drop

Client communications uses service ports 7937 & 7938. These must be open.

Besides that, a bit more details than 'it just does not work' would be helpful, like

  - OS involved

  - Can the clients be 'pinged by NetWorker server at all (nsradmin -p nsrexec -s client_name)?

  - Can the derver be 'pinged by NetWorker clients at all (nsradmin -p nsrexec -s server_name)?

  - Did a backup ever run sucessfully before? (are these new clients?)

  - Does a manual backup work at all?

  - If yes, when exactly does the scheduled backup fail? (at which step)

  - What exactly are the error messages?

Basic troubleshooting ...


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Re: Networker connection port firewall drop

Ports mentioned are not in the port range used by NetWorker.

Please, check the NetWorker-9.x Security Configuration Guide for all ports used by NetWorker.

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Re: Networker connection port firewall drop

We often tend to overlook if the local firewall (OS firewall service) is running before jumping to conclusions. Please check this. If this is not the issue, as bingo mentioned please share more details so that we understand the issue better.
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