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Tape driver persistent name / naming

Hi we are having issue with our library tape ordering. Been happening few times this year after some maintenance.

I've been pointed out to the persistent naming. We have 4 storage Nodes using the IBM driver. Do I need to add the registry key on all Storage Node or only the one managing the library ?

Anyone went through this ? Any advice or tips would be great


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This is an operating system issue. The problem is that Windows might change the device ordering after a re-boot if multiple tape drives are attached. You may overcome this by defining persistent names for the tape drives.

Consequently, you should use persistent names on each Windows storage node where you have multiple tape drives attached, no matter who controls the jukebox. As you usually do not have more than one jukebox attached, it will most likely never apply to the jukebox attached node.

My personal preference is to attach the jbox to the NW server himself but of course you may change this.



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Was doing this many years ago, before switching to data domains. Before persistent naming was a thing, using windows based nw sn's was very cumbersome to say the least. After that it was a breeze.

But I don't miss it,.as working with datadomain ddboost over the network only, made things so much easier

 No hassling with faulty tape, faulty drives, faulty robotic arms, admins <Profanity removed. TOS77> even persistent device names (on hpux and solaris we started using scripts that got the device names and linked them to own made up device names).

Haven't been using it for years. At the time jbconfig and the like nor nmc, were as well versed, at times even requiring to manually edit the jukebox resourve file directly needing to add or remove drive entries, whenever needing to delete drives, causing the drive order to change. The way that nw deals with drive positions has improved for the better since somewhere around nw7.x or so...

I can however still recall having to deal with the sji tools like sjimm and sjirdtag or the very helpful inquire to query for devices (always use the option to show the persistent names).

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