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compressasm plus aesasm

Hi All,
could someone explain why Networker still not allows using compressasm
together aesasm so we could make smaller and secure backups of data?
As I read from manuals in some platforms (HP-UX) this is already implemented.
I understand LTO4 native encryption/key management support is complicated
to implement and needs bigger customers interest but compression before
encryption seems to me like Basic feature for every backup software.
I admit that i missed that point when choosed EMC Networker and now
I hope to see this feature in every new release.
Should I stop hoping?


Margus Raasik

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Re: compressasm plus aesasm

To tell the truth I can imagine that it is todays obvious functionality but maybe there are some implementation problems. Let's say that the implementation of  aesasm doesn't allow to be used with any other directive. There can be many things which can cause that. You can also open RFE in the support and maybe some time that feature will be implemented.