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DELL Powerconnect switches

Hi Guys,

Did anyone knows something about roadmap of DELL Powerconnect switches.

I have project 1 year in future and need information about the  EOL dates of switches.

Thanks in advance for support!

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Re: DELL Powerconnect switches

I have not heard of anything, but I'm sure it will be well known when there is some news.  There is a large presence of powerconnects out there.  One strategy you might go with is this.  Determine what the need is for.  For SAN fabric?  And if so, how big?  Network Core?  If so, how large of an organization?  Edge/Distribution switches at a primary site?  Or are they intended for a small branch office?  (These are all good questions regardless).  If they are supporting a core, or iSCSI for modern equipment, then a Force10 solution might be more suitable.  If it's just edge stuff, then you can get good life out of them regardless if they announce EOL on them tomorrow, or 3 years from now.  

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