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Dell S4048T-ON Upgrade path from 9.11 to 10

Hi all, I've got 2 brand new S4048T-ON switches that came with 9.11 out of the box.

I'm looking forward to upgrade them to OS10.something but I'm suspect I need to go from some OS9 specific version to some OS10 specific version.

I downloaded OS10.3.1E and the tar file comes with a script named enable-upgrade-from-10.2 and one of the comments at the top of the scripts says:

# Script to enable upgrades from OS10 release 10.2.x to 10.3.0 or later


Can anyone point me to the right direction? Documentation doesn't really help on this matter.

Thanks in advance 


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Re: Dell S4048T-ON Upgrade path from 9.11 to 10


Can you private message me the service tag so we can get some additional device details?


You should be able to use the upgrade system command to manually do the update between the versions. Page 87 http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_ser_stor_net/esuprt_networking/esuprt_net_fxd_...

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