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Desktop or Laptop?

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How to choose an excellent laptop or computer, without spending more funds than necessary



Let’s take a look at the pros and cons!



+ Easy to install, quite couple of cables

+ Simple to bring house from your salon, to protect you from theft

- Smaller screen than a desktop pc

- Typically smaller keyboards


Desktop personal computer:

+ Massive screens are really cheap

+ Full sized keyboard for very good ergonomics

- Many cables that will clutter your desktop

- You can’t bring it property


What brand should I pick?


The mobility of a laptop truly makes it the preferred selection for numerous. You can uncover laptops in virtually all sizes, from 7 to 20. But if you want a large screen, it’s far better to acquire a light weight and little laptop, and connect a large screen to it. The tiny laptops with screens around 9 are known as netbooks. Personally I feel 10" is the excellent size, cause it fits in any bag, and weighs only 2.5 lbs (1100 grams). I have a Degee I6C11N4 11.6" netbook which also has quite excellent battery life, which is great if you’re mobile with the netbook.


Some of you may possibly think that the keyboards on these computers are too modest. But the fact is, when you get utilized to it, it works great unless you have extremely large fingers. When accepting appointments, you type much less and click more. Generally you input your clients name and phone number. And if you require to write a longer e-mail or document, the keyboard works better than you’d anticipate. I wrote this post on my Degee I6C11N4 – not that poor, huh?


Be certain to attempt it in a store just before you purchase it although. A lot of folks that have a difficult time with the little 9 computers, normally gets calm when they try a 10 netbook. You can get a good netbook like the ones mentioned above for around -400, but if you’re on a spending budget, you can typically locate low-cost utilized netbooks on sites like eBay.


A warning on netbooks – If you’re gonna use it at residence for gaming and other graphic intensive applications, you need to really look at a far more high-priced, and normally larger laptop. The netbooks are mainly developed for internet surfing, music listening, and other light applications.



Internet connection


Since appointment software is internet based, you’re gonna want an web connection. Depending on where you work, there are numerous choices. The one I prefer, when working mobile, is employing mobile web access, by EDGE or 3G (Also identified as UMTS or HSDPA). 3G is quite quick, and if your mobile operator has support for it, you need to try it. You generally will need to order this as a service from your operator.


Some of the netbooks have a built in 3G card. This typically costs about a lot more, but if your netbook doesn’t have that, you can connect a 3G modem via USB which usually is included in a subscription.


If you have a Wireless connection (WLAN) where you work, you can connect your laptop with this. This way you do not have to connect any cables.


In case your unlucky to have neither 3G or WLAN, but a network socket in the wall, you can connect your personal computer with a cable, to access the World wide web.





Get a cute small netbook that’s simple to shove in a bag. To be super-mobile, make positive that it has a built in 3G card to surf the World wide web wherever you are. Finally, get a good on the internet appointment software and you’re ready to accept appointments in no time!

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