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Policy Based Routing on N3000 Series


I'm trying to convert my ACLs on some VLAN Interfaces to PBR, because I need Source Based Routing on these VLANs.

I have some deny rules in my ACLs and tried to implement them in the following way:

route-map Route_1 permit 20
match ip address Routing_1_Drop
set interface null0

This doesn't work, because "set interface null0" is not allowed for the next hop.

My question now: If I omit the last line and have no next-hop statement (only the match statement), will the packet be dropped or transferred to the default router?

Hope to get an answer to this very specific question.

Kind Regards

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Dear Charles,

Thank you so much for your proposal. Did you try this in real-time?

As I wrote before (and I could verify this behavior), IP based ACLs AND PBR at the same time is not possible on the same VLAN. I attach the original answer from DELL (it's in German, try google translator):

** Actionplan **
Interfaces in denen PBR aktiv ist können keine weiteren IP based ACLs genutzt werden um den Datenstrom zu steuern. Sie können hier alternative das PBR über einen VRF laufen lassen oder eben anstatt des VLANs ein anderes Interface verwenden um die ACL zu nutzen (einen Uplink z.B.) Alternative können Sie natürlich die ACL für PBR so anpassen, dass die Richtlinien Ihrer ingress ACL inkludiert werden.

But your proposal is a good idea to continue. Please have a look on this.


Create only 2 ACLs based of the traffic and policies that need to be applied

block1, block2


ip access-list block1

1000 permit icmp any any

1100 permit udp any any eq 67

1200 permit tcp eq 22 any

1300 permit tcp eq http

1400 permit udp eq domain



ip access-list block2

5000 deny ip any

5100 deny ip any

5200 deny ip any

10000 permit ip any any



Create route-map == pbr. This will do policy based routing for

traffic in ACLs - block1 and block2 and the final "drop all traffic"


route-map pbr deny 10

match ip address block1   



route-map pbr permit 20

match ip address block2     

set ip next-hop



route-map pbr permit 30   

set interface null0




What do you think, will this be a good solution for my conditions?

Thank you again for looking in the details.




Hi Florian, this might be a good idea, sounds like worth a try to me. But Charles isn't online yet, but I think he'd better take a look when he's online.


Erman Özkurt
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Hello BeiDerArbeit,


That looks ok to me. You can test that out.

I would note we typically don't do initial configuration on the forum, such as we are trying to create new PBR configuration, we have deployment services that can be contracted for that. I am, though, giving you best effort to assist you.


Dell -Charles R
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Dell Technologies | Enterprise Support Services

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