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PowerConnect 5424 and VLANS - Newbie Question, need help!

Good day! Here are the details:

Dell 5424 switch Ip -

SCALE SAN connected to switch with following private IP's, .171, .172

SCALE SAN public IP's -,.174,.175 - BUT are not physically connected to the 5424. They are connected via patch cables to another gb switch on same network but in a different rack

Ok, here is my issue.....I would like to connected all of the SAN nics to this 5424 switch but keep the 170-172 seperate. Am I thinking correctly? Is this possible? I have daft when it comes to a VLAN but my thought is that I could setup the ports that are connected via 170-172 as VLAN2 and all of the others can remain on the default of VLAN1.

Am I totally lost here? Please help.

Thanks from Indy



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