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Powerconnect 8024f configuration

Hi All,

I have just acquired two powerconnect 8024f switches and a couple of dell servers. I am trying to implement into existing infrastructure.

Currently I have PFSENSE appliance as firewall. I have set up new vlan for severs and switches to live on and assigned the interface an ip address of

I have ran setup on first 8024f switch and given it an ip address of and set the default gateway to I have enabled DHCP server on this range as well. Currently when I connect a client to the switch they are given an IP address and can ping the 8024f switch but cant ping the firewall or get access to the internet.

I have the exact same setup on another network and it works well. Only difference is it is ubiquity gear.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hello @Mirage88,

What firmware version do you have on the 8024f? Did you followed any guide for the configuration? Did you check the if the PFSENSE appliance is correctly configurated?


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