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S4048-ON stack redundant uplinks

I am configuring a new core switch stack and am looking for guidance on correctly configuring redundant links to the MDF stacks from the core stack. I'm not sure if I should go strictly with dynamic LAGs or with VLTs. My core stack is currently running firmware 9.14(2.6).

Here is a simple diagram on my layout:Redundant Switch Uplinks.png

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Either one should be fine, VLT will allow for both switches to be used instead of one being the master, but it is more configuration.


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I looked into the VLT but agree that there is a lot more config involved and I"m not familiar enough with VLT to go that route. So I took the static LAG route. I have it configured and working on the core stack, do I also need to configure a LAG on the access stack? When I do I lose connectivity.

The reason I ask is that when I have configured LACP LAGs in the past on a switch and server, LACP needed to be configured on both devices.


EDIT: Fixed my issue. I had the trunk native vlan and trunk allowed vlans configured but didn't have the po in trunk mode. DOH!

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