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SAN and LAN network ower PowerConnect 8132F

Hi to all

Some company aroach me with requirement to create core network for SAN and LAN. They have some tight budget so they will have those two networks working ower same switch. This are resources that they will have:

RFB - DELL power connect 8132f 24 x 10 gigabit sfp+ - 2 switches core
RFB - HP server DL580 Gen7, CPU X 2,4 x 4, 512 GB DDR, 146 GB x 2, 1200W x 4 - 2 servers (2x1Gb onboard, 2x10Gb onboard, 4x1Gb additional card)
RFB - DELL storage EqualLogic PS 6510, 38 x 900GB HDD, 2 x 10GB - 1 storage unit
RFB - Cisco Catalist 2960s 48 GigE Poe 370W 4XSFP 1Gb LAN Base WS-C2960S-48LPS-L - 17 switches access switches
RFB - Cisco Catalist 2960s 48 GigE Poe 370W 2XSFP+ 10Gb LAN Base WS-C2960S-48LDS-L - 2 switches core switches

So I will connect two Dell switches like so:

2 10Gb ports for iSCSI - SAN interconnection between them (no 40 Gb interface on it)

2 10Gb ports for connecting LAN (connection to cisco 2960 core)

2 10Gb ports for LAN - interconnection between dell switches

4 10Gb ports for iSCSI - SAN from storage and servers

rest of the ports will be uplink from access switches, each will have two uplinks to core dell switch.

HP server will be connected with 4 1Gb links to cisco 2960 and that is traffic from virtual machines, 2 1Gb links also to cisco 2960, and that will be traffic from live migration, cluster and mgmt.

two cisco 2960 will be connected with 10Gb to dell - 2 links, and will be connected with each other for cluster,LV and mgmt traffic.


iSCSI-SAN network will be living in special VLAN eg 100, jumbo frames on all ports etc. Cluster traffic, LV, mgmt will live in different VLANs, eg 101,102,103. Traffic from virtual machines will be in VLANs 10-30. On picture is not drawn Fortigate 200E that will be connected to cisco 2960 ower 6 1Gb ports.

My first question is this design good? There will be about 40 virtual machines on those two servers.

Second question, customer ask is it possible to have eg switch 2960 core connected to both dell powerconnect switches so that traffic can flow in both trunk ports at the same time (like in virtual portchannels in nexus)? the same principle they would like to implement for access switches, and fortigate (that will be connected to dell if this is possible). This was not drawn on this picture. I know that I can connect two dell switches and create one logical unit, using 10 Gb connections, but don't know could I then be able to separate VLANs ower specific ports for interconnection.

I did upgrade dell powerconnect to version, cisco is on default ios v15 something. 

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