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Bluetooth 375 module Cable

I am hoping someone might be able to give me the correct info. I purchased a Truemobile 375 G9M5X Bluetooth Module with YKMT7 Cable and tried to install it on my 6420 Lattitude. After taking hard-drive out I could not see the socket properly for the Bluetooth cable and proceeded to take the keyboard and palm rest off as well. Then I noticed that the cable I had for the 375 module was too narrow for the motherboard. So now I have no idea what cable to get...

This after I have ordered another module which arrived without a cable.....

Did not envisage it being such a headache to have Bluetooth capabilities on my laptop..

Any advice will be appreciated greatly

Thank you


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RE: Bluetooth 375 module Cable

according to http://www.parts-people.com/index.php?action=item&id=12539

your cable is for E6410 and E6510

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