Cannot Connect to Internet. Local Area Connection #? A network cable is unplugged - Windows XP Programs.

I have 4 computers - 3 towers and 1 laptop that can't connect to the internet. Local Area Connection #?  A Network Cable Is Unplugged. Well,actually only 2 towers and 1 laptop can't get on.. I have that same message on this computer also. but I am able to work thru another connection to get online. When I searched the " I P " area, it says " Media Closed ".  How do I open "Media" back up to allow hooking up to the internet? I have been reading various sources of information to try and find the answer. I went in to change my IP Addresses and after I did, I closed the page and when I went to check my current IP address and status, there were no changes. I still read " Media Closed " and some weird version of IP address is in the IP Address Location. Please tell me how to get the Media "opened" and allow me to go on the internet . I Did Do a Fresh Download of Windows XP Pro on my laptop, but the "wireless section and the hardwire sections" are closed, not allowing connection to internet. I have Dell Laptop D620 and Dell GX270 Dell Tower and Dell Tower Dimension 8100. These units were on Linksys Router and the Wireless Section was not passworded. But will be after I get this Monsterous Problem Fixed. I have Windows XP Home on one and XP Pro on the other 3.  Thanks for your efforts.

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Re: Cannot Connect to Internet. Local Area Connection #? A network cable is unplugged - Windows XP Programs.


You may follow the options below to determine the cause of this issue:

1. The network cable may be loose or unplugged. To resolve this issue, verify that the network cable is plugged in securely to the correct locations on the computer and on the router/modem.

2. The network cable is defective or damaged. Examine the cable for breaks, for tears in the outer covering, or for damaged connectors. Test with a good known network cable.

3. Ensure that the network cable is connected to the correct port on the network device.

4. You may change the value for the Media Type property on the network adapter:

      a) Click Start, click Run, type ncpa.cpl, and then click OK.
      b) Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
      c) On the General tab, click Configure.
      d) In the resulting dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
      e) In the Property list, click Media Type or Link Speed & Duplex or something similar
           If these properties do not appear, look for a property that has the values Duplex and Half-Duplex.
      f) Click a specific bandwidth in the Value list, and then click OK.
     g) Close the Network Connections dialog box.
     h) Test the network connection.

As for the Dell laptop D620, please confirm if you installed the ethernet drivers from the Dell's support site after performing the Operating System Reinstallation.If yes check in Device Manager for any bangs.(Refer to the picture below)

I would also recommend you to check the status of Ethernet Adapter in Device Manager for the other 2 systems.

Please reply with the findings.

Thanks and Regards
Vishal S


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