Connects to router but will not connect to internet

New Vostro 230 running Windows 7 pro.  Connects to Air Port extreme router via either net cable but will not connect to internet.  Tried troubleshooting software on Windows finding no problems.  Tried turning off firewall with no results.  Tried connecting directly to modem with no results.  Tried rebooting modem and computer with no results.  Cable connect works with other computers.  Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Connects to router but will not connect to internet


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

Here is some information that my help you resolve the wired internet connection.

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Network and Sharing Center; in Windows 7, click Change Adapter Settings, and in Vista, click Manage Network Connections.
  3. Double-click Local Area Connection. In the Local Area Connection Status dialog box that appears, click Properties.
  4. Click to highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 [TCP/IPv4], and then click Properties.
  5. Select Use the following IP address, and enter the IP address of your computer.
  6. Enter the correct code for the "Subnet Mask" field.
  7. Enter the correct information for the "Default Gateway" field.
  8. Enter the correct information in the "Preferred DNS Server" field and the "Alternate DNS Server" field.
  9. Click Advanced..., and then select the DNS tab. Click Add... to add a new DNS server.
  10. Type your DNS domain, and then click Add.... Click Add... again, and type a second domain.
  11. Click the WINS tab. Click Add..., and then enter the correct primary WINS number. Click Add... again, and enter the secondary WINS number.
  12. Click OK three times.

Here is a link from the internet I also found that may  be helpful.

Setting up a Wired Internet Connection

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