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Dell Wireless WLAN DW 1501 - Unable to install drivers

Good day I have a Precision M4700 with a DW 1501 WLAN card installed. I am running Windows 7 64bit with a Core i7. The unit was a replacement for the original DW1504 unit that was shipped with the device. The new WLAN was installed about 2 years ago without any real difficulty that I can recall. I have recently had to reformat my device and while reinstalling all the drivers the driver for this WLAN card has been offering repeated problems. The latest failed installation gave the following log: [06/06/19 10:03:53] Dell Update Package Execution Start [06/06/19 10:03:53] Original command line: "C:\Users\Andrew\Downloads\NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111 (1).EXE" [06/06/19 10:03:53] DUPFramework version: [06/06/19 10:03:57] User Command: attended [06/06/19 10:03:57] DUP Capabilities Value: 6291455 (0x5FFFFF) [06/06/19 10:03:57] DUP Vendor Software Version: A01 [06/06/19 10:03:57] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes [06/06/19 10:03:57] Local System OS Version: [06/06/19 10:03:57] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes [06/06/19 10:03:57] Local System OS Language: EN [06/06/19 10:03:57] Language Compatible with this Package? Yes [06/06/19 10:03:57] (DupAPI::ExtractPayloadTo): *** Extraction Error: 9 [06/06/19 10:03:57] Identified Behavior : attended [06/06/19 10:03:57] Name of Exit Code: ERROR [06/06/19 10:03:57] Exit Code set to: 1 (0x1) [06/06/19 10:03:57] Result: FAILURE [06/06/19 10:04:02] Open file: C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111 (1).txt I have attempted to install multiple difference versions of the drivers downloaded from the Dell webiste all of which have reported they are unable to install. Some of the error messages reported that they were unable to detect the presence of the card itself. Please advise. Thanks a
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