Does my Desktop support wifi ??

hi everyone , can anybody help me to resolve my issue... i have dell desktop optiplex 3040 and i installed windows 10 in it n as far as i know windows 10 automatically installs wifi and network drivers while OS is being installed ... so is this desktop have wifi driver card or not ?? how to know it ? or else anyother issue of which wifi is not being displayed even in settings tab ..where we have data usage ethernet tabs ... there wifi tab is missing ... i checked for network adapters in device manger i found only realtek family gbe family controller n various wan port networks so please help out there any other issue or else in my desktop wifi card is missing in CPU ...n i connected a wirless usb wifi adapter and obviously now its connected and aeroplanemode also displayed n when i remove wirless usb adapter and again same thing wifi option not found in settings and aeroplane tab is missing.. please anyone help me out thank you

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RE: Does my Desktop support wifi ??

I believe it doesn't have wireless card in your pc. It's easy to notice a wireless card. If u can't see it then Its probably not there.

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