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Ethernet driver is getting uninstalled automatically


I've bought a new ethernet connection yesterday. When I connected the LAN cable, I found ethernet was not there in adapters list. Then I read some forums and installed the below driver

Title : Chip Set:Intel Management Engine Interface Driver
Version : A00

I restarted the Laptop and I could see ethernet item in adapters list and I'm able to connect to internet.

Today Morning I switched on my Laptop and found the ethernet item was not there again. Again I did the same process to get it back. How I can fix this issue permanently. 

Recently, I've changed my motherboard since my older one was crashed. With Speccy tool I've taken the details of my current board. Please suggest driver for this current board or some permanent fix. 

Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
Model: 0FR6M4 (U2E1)
Version: A06
Chipset Vendor: Intel
Chipset Model: Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision: 12
Southbridge Vendor: Intel
Southbridge Model: HM55
Southbridge Revision: 06

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