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Inspiron 531 Wireless Issue

I've got a issue with my Son's Dell Inspiron 531 Desktop with an AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHZ processor, 4 Gig of RAM running Vista Ultimate SP1 via an Atheros wireless Internet card. Recently he's advised that he's been unable to get on the internet, I've checked it and it shows connected to the internet but when you try and use the internet you just end up with cannot display webpage. I;ve tried a different browser but still the same and it appears nothing is able to connect to the net as the windows updater is also unable to connect and so to the newsfeed application on the desktop. The wireless internet works fine on the two other laptop's we have but it's just this desktop which is having issues and I've compared their settings via IPconfig in the command prompt and they're similar to the desktop's, and yet Desktop is connected and has the little "globe" icon indicating it is connected to the WWW but no actual access is possible to the Internet.


Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Re: Inspiron 531 Wireless Issue

Anyone before I reinstall format hard drive and reinstall Vista ?

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Re: Inspiron 531 Wireless Issue

Hopefully by now you have fixed the problem, but if you have not, follow these steps:

1. Go to dell.com and download the most updated driver for your computer; save it on a flashdrive from another computer if you cannot download it from the computer above.

2.  Go to Device Manager

Under Network Adapters  double click  then right click on your wireless network adapter and uninstall.

3.  After uninstall, restart the computer.

4. Put your flashdrive into the computer and open files

Right click -- Open

Let the driver install and once installed, restart again.

5. One restarted, right click on the computer in the task bar, click connect to a network

When your network comes up, highlight, and follow the prompts, if your network is secured you will need to enter your key.

Your computer should connect to the internet after that.

Good luck!



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