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Internet explorer cannot open MSN home page


I have an Inspiron 15 Intel N5050.  Internet explorer cannot open This is the factory set home page.  After a short while I get a message. A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer. Name: Supportsoft Container Publisher Supportsoft Inc.  I haven't heard of this software, so I am worried about down loading a virus if I click on allow.  I'm able to access other websites without any problem.  How can I restore my homepage? 



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It’s a difficult situation as you are not able to use your home page. I would suggest a few steps which will give you the resolution of this issue.

1: I have tried to open up the same link and it does not work for me as well.

  Please Use:

2: Click on Start > search>internet options

3: Click on Advanced Tab and then click on Reset which will reset the Internet explorer settings back to factory defaults.

4 Then once you get the internet options page then click on General Tab and please type under homepage:

5: In case if it still does not work please download this file and run it.

Hope this will help you to resolve the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Dell Kaushal P

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Hello Kaushal

Thank you for replying and sorry for my delay in responding. When I logged on the following day, Internet Explorer had no problem launching the MSN homepage.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't recur but I will certainly try the recommended steps if it does.

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I have a solution to this problem

Step 1 : Go to  this URL  : 

Step 2 : Click " Make MSN your home page " 

Step 3 : It might ask you to add it as a home page or a new tab.

Step 4 : click done.

Enjoy .

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