LATITUDE C810 Network Driver

I have just bought a Latitude C810 and cannot get the network card to work. Under device manager the card is shown as a 3Com 10/100 mini PCI ethernet device. I have tried updating the drivers from the DELL driver site but this has no effect. The PC came installed with Windows XP Service Pack 1, I updated this to Service Pack 2 thinking that this may help but to no avail. Could anyone please offer a solution as I don't want to install a PCMCIA network card as I have to install other devices in there for work.
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Re: LATITUDE C810 Network Driver

installing SP2 without good reason is a BIG no-no in my book.  I've made thousands$$$ fixing systems after folks were done doing this!

(amazing they would release something so likely to mess up so many computers!)


you say the system sees it?  exclamation point?  any error message?  how is it not working?


hard to diagnose these things here.  it can certainly be fixed and it is 99% likely to be a driver issue.




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Re: LATITUDE C810 Network Driver

The network problem was already present prior to XP SP2 being installed and this was the main reason for upgrading to SP2. I have tried every network driver that I have been able to get my hands on for the NIC which is the 3Com 10/100 mini PCI device with the 3C556 chipset but none work. The error code that windows throws up is CODE 10 device cannot start.

Since posting my original message I have also tried two different hard disks, one with XPSP1 on again and also one with Windows 2000 and neither have got the device to start so therfore I now assume that it is a hardware fault.

However I am still open to any suggestions.
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