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Lost all internet capabilities after a system restore

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop that has been awesome fo rhte past 2.5 years.  Occationally i have had minor problems with it but they have been resolved with minor tweaking. Recently I plugged in my Sansa e260 to recharge and WMP would not recognize it.  I laso noticed that the internet was bogging down real bad so i figured somthing probably got corrupted somehow and that it was time to run a system restore.  Last night i restored the laptop to the end of march and things looked like it booted up just fine. Anything i clicked on opend up almost instantly only i noticed my wireless did not connect. I rebooted one more time and still nothing, to view wireless networks all i got was a list of blank.  when i went to go organize wireless networks I found that tab missing in the window. When i added the eathernet cable it says connected but hten there was no ip address subnet mask or anything. I figured i got a bad restore point. I have since restored about 4 different points in time including on set for this past Monday and still the card doesn't work.  The network adapter is a broadcam 440x  Dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini card. there are 5 signatures in the device manager and as i recall they have all been there the whole time.  Currently there are still 5 but 3 of them have that famous yellow exclamation point. Also the 3 that have that mark also add symantec network security miniport after the label.  The notes for these claim code 39 error  no drivers found or corrupted.  I do have the dell disks  for this laptop. So what gives anyone have any ideas on this????

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