Mini 10v UK Mobile Broadband with Vodafone Pay and Go

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Mini 10v UK Mobile Broadband with Vodafone Pay and Go

Mini 10v with Ubuntu 8.04, fitted  Vodaphone Mobile Broadband USB Modem . No Mobile Broadband on Mini 10v as supplied. Task outlined here is to load Ubuntu packages, get Vodaphone Mobile Connect fully installed as an applet shown as a Vodafone icon on the Dell desktop. Betavine-Vodafone show the installation procedure with screenshots for Mini 9. Equivalent procedure adopted here is:

  • Administrative rights (need to know password) on the Dell Mini and internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet).
  • Download three package (.deb) files from Betavine . (Windows machine used and files copied to empty USB memory stick.) Certainly, these three .deb files (ozerocdoff_0.4-2_lpia.deb, usb-modeswitch_0.9.7_lpia.deb, and vodafone-mobile-connect_2.10.01-1_all.deb, at, last mod July 04 2009), are the ones to have.
  • Right-click on each file in turn and select 'Open with GDebi Package Installer' (Memory stick used to show files in File Browser on Mini.)
  • Of the three files, the vodafone-mobile-connect package depends on the ZeroCD and USB Device Switch packages that have no dependencies, so install the connect package last. 
  • The Package Installer does the business excepting errors. And, when installing USB Device Switch, there is the error 'files list file for package `libxcb-shape0' is missing final newline'. This is a reported bug with the suggested workaround to remove the list file and rebuild the package. Terminal commands are:
    cd /var/lib/dpkg/info
    sudo rm libxcb-shape0.list
    sudo apt-get --reinstall install libxcb-shape0
    Result is download of replacement file(s) and fixing-up of the package. (And error free installation of USB Device Switch package.)
  • Right-click the package file vodafone-mobile-connect_2.10.01-1_all.deb and install with GDebi Package Installer. (Error free with the ZeroCD and Device Switch packages installed.)
  • After installation of the software packages, select the Dell desktop and see 'update in progress' before desktop is displayed with the new Vodafone icon.
  • Insert the Vodafone USB modem (either pay monthly or topup and go). Click on Vodafone icon to open Vodafone Mobile Connect applet. Accept all default settings as appropriate and click on Connect.

Procedure outlined here is true record of steps taken to get successful mobile broadband connection on Dell Mini10v with Vodafone Mobile Broadband, UK Portsmouth area, November 2009.


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