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Problem with Internet connection

I just formatted a new partitition and reinstalled windows XP on my Dell Dimension 4550. So my computer is almost like when I received it, the only problem is that internet explorer is not working. It seems that the computer is not recognising the DSL cable (I tried to set up a new connection, but doesn't work).

Anybody have a solution... ??? Is it a driver that need to be installed, if yes what shall I do ?

Thank you very much for your help.


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DELL-Larry R
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Re: Problem with Internet connection

At a guess, you haven't installed the required drivers.  The XP drivers for the Dimension 4550 are:

  • Intel 845PE chipset driver
  • AGP 4X Video Driver
  • ADI integrated audio driver
  • Intel 82559 Integrated NIC driver
  • USB 2.0 Driver
  • Microsoft USB QFE Patch (may not be needed if you have SP2+ installed)
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