Remote Desktop Connection Problem (RDC)

I have several computers at home, all hooked up to the internet wirelessly. When I try to use another computer to RDC, I get this error: PhotobucketI have XP media center edition, service pack 2 HELP I need to be able to RDC to my desktop NOTE: some say XP doesnt support RDC, but I have connected to my desktop before using it. It suddenly stopped without any security changes.
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Re: Remote Desktop Connection Problem (RDC)

You are not giving the detail for use to help you.
If you are connecting from the internet to your home pc then your wireless router must forward the port your are connecting to  (default is 3389 for RDT) to the PC you are trying to connect to.
If you are connecting over your local lan in side your home then you do not need forwarding, BUT if you are wireless connections only on your two PC's then it may be required bt your router.
RDT requires you to enabe RTD connections and to setup which user can acces the PC remotly. Right click MyComputer and select proporites the Remote.
Here is a link to some info on the subject, and how to secure a connection.
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