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Slow download speeds, possible hardware problem

While downloading from the BBC iPlayer, I have not been getting more than 3Mbps and usually

as low as 1Mbps, where as my ISP offers up to 16Mbps.


This afternoon, I borrowed a neighbours laptop and stood it by the side of my Dell Inspiron 530

and it played a streaming TV prog. in high definition seamlessly. It also download the prog.

with speeds up to 9Mbps. I also checked if Firefox might be the cause, so tried the same prog.

through Windows Explorer and Google Chrome, both of which gave the same slow speeds.


I therefore am led to believe that the problem is a hardware one on the Dell.


I have also contacted my local telecoms provider who tested my telephone line and found

it to be working well, and when I tried a speed test it returned 2.5Mbps.


The machine is now about 3 years old; could anyone suggest what to look into next?


I should also add that the operating systen, Windows Vista was corrupted a couple of

weeks ago and the opsys was re-installed at a repair shop. Not sure if that is relevant or not.


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Re: Slow download speeds, possible hardware problem

I am experiencing the same problem with the same PC which is about the same age -- I am getting 3.75 mbps downloads via my Road Runner Broadband when I should be getting 10mbps.

I too have performed the same troubleshooting as Ecrevisse, as well as making sure drivers, etc are up to date, registry is cleaned/defragged, run TCP Optimizer and other suggestions from speednet.com, etc.  No change.

Testing w/ my friend's Inspiron laptop (1 yr old) I had no problem getting10mbps speeds, no problem.

My PC came w/ Vista.  I never tested my connection speeds under Vista, but I can say the connections has consistently seemed slow.  I upgraded to W7 a couple months back and the PC's performance overall  is much improved and the connection speed seemed a little better. The only reason I finally tested my connection speed this past week was I was going to change my level of service w/ Time Warner and that is when I discovered.

Hardware problem or inadequacy?

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