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WIFI connection

I just bought a second hand Dell desktop and trying to figure out whether I can connect the desktop with my WIFI.

This is a 

Dell Optiplex 755

Intel Core 2 quad CPU

1.58 GhZ

System MS XP Service Pack 3.

Can you guide how to check the compatibility and setup.,


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RE: WIFI connection


The OptiPlex 755 did not ship with a wireless card. If you have installed a wifi card into one of the slots you can click the link below to setup the wireless network.

Dell Networking and Wireless Support Center

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RE: WIFI connection

You can get a USB wireless dongle and use it to connect to the internet however Windows XP has reached End of Life and should no longer be used, its insecure and hasn't been patched in over a year. This system can run Windows 10 although its not strictly a free upgrade from Windows XP you can take the unofficial upgrade path using the Insider Preview 10130:


Ensure that you install Legacy BIOS A22 before proceeding with the upgrade:


Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

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RE: WIFI connection

Hi I just got a dell Optiplex 755 it has no WiFi capabilities. I have a usb adapter but no chrome apps will let it run. Do I have to get a PCI card in order to get WiFi


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