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dell drivers folder location


I inadvertently seem to have put a dell drivers folder on my desktop.

I am afraid to restart my computer. 

Can someone tell me where this folder is supposed to be?  I dont even know how it ended up on my desktop....


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RE: dell drivers folder location

Mine usually end up in C:\Dell\Drivers with a sub-directory named the same as the installation file that created it.

The Dell driver installation executable files usually create a directory if one doesn't already exist and unpack their files into said directory when run.

The installation usually suggests a location before unpacking; perhaps you ran one and pointed it towards your desktop (folder)?


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RE: dell drivers folder location

The drivers are mostly installed in C:\windows\system32. The folders shown under C:\dell... are just the extracted copy of the .exe downloaded from dell and used to install the drivers, they are not being used by Windows.<ADMIN NOTE:  TOU Violation removed per policy>

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