dont have internet at home. can a wireless/broadband card give me that?

So i don't have internet at home and frankly i cant afford it. Will purchasing a wireless card allow me to access the internet on my computer? Its not an old computer i don't think( M1330 dell, 3GB). Im just confused 😞 and i do have an unlimited data on my phone...now the thing is if i can in fact use these cards to get internet am i limited to what i can buy? i have a sprint phone(dell computer) so will I have to get a sprint card? how much do these things usually run and what determines the type of card i should purchase? All i REALLY want is unbroken internet access so that i can watch a youtube or netflix(unlimited online videos!!) ALL the way through without pauses, freezes or just nothing happening at all...ANY help would be appreciated as I am really tired of just using the internet from 8-3 at work lol. oh yea and im a 100% public transportation rider so would i be able to use this card on the bus? ( it generally takes me from 45mins to an hour to get home)

Someone told me this:  "buy broadband only a cheap one and then a use internet adaptor that way you dont neen to fuss with fitting a wireless "  but i have no idea where  i would "buy" broadband..but does his idea make sense? cause if i have to buy broadband doesnt that mean i have to go and purchase comcast or something? and i dont WANT to do that so i thought this idea might work... someone said the wireless cards from cell phones are really slow and i use the internet a lot to watch movies...thanks so much for your help

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