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no network connectivity, but connected, but no LYNC connection via WLAN


I have a "nice" feature, i'm busy for a while... and now I have to ask for help.

I have a M6400 and due to harddisk problem I have set up Windows 7 Ultimate again (from scratch).

I do not know why / how but I have one error message "L2CAP" driver Bluetooth cannot be installed. I do not know what I need it for, and honeslty I don't miss anything at the moment for bluetooth.

BUT: At that moment I connect the laptop (workstation) via WLAN properly. I get a sun-symbol in the tray icon list (as if there is no connection active, only a / several connection available):

In the list of WLANs I'm connected (here to a hotel WLAN)

And Internet works fine, so I can surf and eMail...

Networkcenter looks also strange


My network connections shows this:

and my main problem, due to this mix up of connection, I cannot connect via WLAN to my LYNC 365 anymore. (That has worked fine before, and works fine via LAN but not WLAN)

The only TIp that I found for L2CAP is a wrong installation sequence of drivers. But if I de-installed the driver, then windows installs them by itself. I do not know how to advice Winwods to execute a dedicated sequence.

So I'm lost at this point: Any help is welcome.


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