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Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission MISSING ITEM (KMM103912195I57L0KM)
While I appreciate your efforts. I still have NOT been able to obtain a complete copy of what I ordered from Dell last August. WHAT DID I ORDER?
I have tried your "automated" site ( repeatedly and have been unable to get a response. I am attaching images of two of the responses. These are NOT the only two time times that I tried -- just two of the times that I captured the results. The blank invoice screen is what normally occurs. I have waited long, long times for something else to show up, but that is all that is coming.
The invoice that you did provided was helpful. It does show that I made an error when I ordered the new Dell computer. I thought that I was ordering Corel's Paint Shop Pro. I do have Jasc's Paint Shop Pro and thought that perhaps Corel had made some improvements after they bought out Jasc.
Instead, I ordered Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 as your invoice copy shows. My error and my mistake, so I guess that I am stuck with it.
I had attempted to passively cancel my order of the USB Micro Drive by not responding on the last e-mail that you sent indicating that the order would be cancelled if I DID NOT respond by mid-night that day. I DID NOT respond, but of course the item later arrived anyway.  I wish that I had now done the same for all the e-mails (printer and USB Micro Drive) that you sent threatening cancellation -- even those that I opened after those mid-night deadlines.
OK, I am stuck with all those thing that I feel really bad about ordering. The printer isn't good. I tried to OCR with it and gave up and just typed the document that I was trying to copy. I have never used the USB thing and don't know how and have no instructions on how to use it or what to use it for. And, of course, now I get to Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.
I have tried to install it, but the install program keeps asking for a serial number. You provided a telephone number for Corel (952) 930-9171, I guess, but the that number is "not in service." I guess that program is useless.
I must say that I am totally disappointed with Dell's service, or lack thereof. This is the third computer that I have ordered from Dell and it will be the last. The service has been rotten. I don't speak Indian and have a hard job understanding what those that I contact on phone are trying to tell me. The computer came "speaking" only French, another lanuage that I don't understand. And there were other problems that I have now forgotten the details about.
Good-bye Dell,
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Charles McLellan


If trying to communicate with Dell Customer Care then posting in these public Dell Community Forums won’t help since they are used for member-to-member help (members are not Dell employees)


Your post contained personal data that could result in breach of security, so it probably disappeared temporarily whilst Admin edited out the data (as shown)


Use a Dell Customer Care link to contact Dell or try the Unresolved Issues link located at the very bottom of this screen (grey text in middle of very last line)


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