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how do i change motherboard to my Dell

I would like to know If I can change the motherboard, on my Dell dimension 4550. I found out that the AGP slots are being "eliminated".

So, I would like to know, if it is easy to change the motherboard to accomedate  a different "better" video card.

I need to get api express slots, instead of this AGP slot.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: how do i change motherboard to my Dell


You can't really change a motherboard on a Dell system with a retail board.

You 'might' be able to change it for another Dell model, but I don't know one off hand. When you say that, "AGP slots are being eliminated" I assume you know that you will still be able to buy one if needed, but that new models will not be built. I suggest that if you require better video performance, you buy a new system. If you could buy a new motherboard, you would need a new CPU, memory, and probably a new power supply at least. Doing that and the cost will be about what a new system will cost you.

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Re: how do i change motherboard to my Dell

need help my self not sure where i get it .i bought a dell 8300 on craiglist in it didnt have the cable from the powe switch to the mother board so i bought 1 from  dell .that didnt solve the issue the computer wont power on with the power button  so i think i jumper is messed up can any1 help me find the right one

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